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likened homosexuality to alcoholism and alienated this growing population of college educated socially liberal women who are upset with obama on the economy, but because of social issues they move strongly against ken buck. you see a big gender gap that took place in colorado, 56% to 40%. the growing latino population in colorado and the other thing in 2010 in colorado is he imploded and it became tom tancredo, the former republican congressman. he had the latino vote in colorado. what would have been a republican win in the senate race, because of those factors was a narrow michael benefit win. that is the model the obama campaign has been pursuing nationally here. this year you drive up the support among socially liberal women and drive up the latino support. we won a state they should have won in 2010 and win an election they should have won. >> you're the only person having colorado going red? >> i have it failing in colorado but working elsewhere. >> like you colorado and florida were the two toughest calls for me on my map. i muoved colorado in the blue column like the brilliant
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)